Insight Psychology

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Client Background

Fiona McKay is a dedicated and experienced psychologist based in Matakana, New Zealand, offering a range of psychological services through her practice, Insight Psychology. With a focus on helping adults and teens navigate life’s challenges, Fiona provides individual therapy, couples counseling, and workshops, utilizing evidence-based practices to promote mental well-being.

Project Summary

Lola Media partnered with Fiona McKay to create Insight Psychology’s brand identity and online presence. Our collaboration involved several key components, including visual brand identity design, professional business and headshot photography, website design and development, as well as ongoing website hosting and maintenance.

insight psychology fiona-logo-main

"With Lori’s amazing photographic eye and talent for design I feel excited and confident"

“I wanted Lori to capture the essence of me and to provide an introduction of me both professionally and personally- images that allowed potential clients to get a sense of me and what I do. With Lori’s amazing photographic eye and talent for design I feel excited and confident about launching my new practice.”

Project Components

Brand Identity Design

  • Developed a cohesive brand identity that reflects Fiona McKay’s professional ethos and the welcoming, supportive environment of Insight Psychology.
  • Created a logo, color scheme, and branding guidelines to ensure consistency across all platforms and materials.

Professional Photography

  • Photoshoot to capture headshots and brand photos of Fiona McKay, showcasing her approachable and professional demeanor.
  • Ensured the photography aligns with the brand identity, contributing to a cohesive visual representation of Insight Psychology.

Website Design and Development

  • Designed a user-friendly, visually appealing website that highlights Insight Psychology’s services, Fiona McKay’s expertise, and provides valuable resources for clients.
  • Developed the website with a focus on functionality, ease of navigation, and responsiveness across all devices.

Ongoing Hosting, Maintenance, and Support

  • Provided reliable website hosting services to ensure continuous online presence.
  • Performed regular maintenance and updates to keep the website secure and functioning optimally.
  • Offered continuous support to address any technical issues and to implement updates as needed.


Since the launch of the new brand identity and website in 2017, Insight Psychology has experienced enhanced online visibility and engagement. The professional brand and website have helped attract and retain clients, reinforcing Fiona McKay’s reputation as a trusted psychologist in New Zealand.

Our collaboration with Fiona showcases our commitment to supporting local businesses by creating strong, effective brand identities and online platforms. We continue to support Insight Psychology, ensuring its digital presence remains robust, secure and aligned with Fiona McKay’s professional goals.