Tui Fleming

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Client Background

Project Summary

Tui Fleming hired us to develop her new personal brand so she could step transition her Dear Mummy following into Leadership and Strength coaching clients, allowing her to serve such corporates as Vodaphone and Kiwibank while also seeing private clients.We developed her brand and earth tone colour palette then had an outdoor winter photoshoot where we could capture her doing yoga as well as more professional images.We also took drone footage and video clips for her main website header animation and video.

“Working with Lori is like working with a friend. She listens deeply, is considerate and deliberate. She goes beyond the requested development and brings her ideas and vision to the table in all we do – whether it’s photography, styling, website design or other collateral production. Our relationship is a partnership, not a briefing transaction. I can rely on Lori and I’m very grateful to have her on my team.”

“Lori sees me; like, REALLY sees me. She hears what I ask for and delivers. She intuits what I need even when I’ve asked for something different. She’s brave enough to speak her mind and guide me in different directions. And she knows when to smile and roll with my requests. Lori partnered with me 3 years ago and has been my brand guardian ever since: nurturing and protecting it, and me. I can ask her anything and before she answers she will think, feel, and respond with heart. That’s what the best of business partners does: meets you with heart, envelops you in protection, so that safely, bravely, you can grow and flourish. My heart thanks hers. “

Project Components