Let's get started on your

Visual brand identity


We are incredibly thrilled to begin designing your unique and dynamic visual brand identity system that truly captures the essence of your brand and attracts your ideal clients. 

We believe an authentic brand builds a bridge between you and your ideal clients. It has enough of your personality so that they can get a feel for you (just from your copywriting & visuals) but it also needs to appeal to their tastes too.  This creates a resonance where the clients feels a connection and they want to work with you because they trust what they are experiencing via your brand. So let’s begin!

Step 1

Let's start with you

We may have started to discuss this on our discovery call, but we want to know more about your personality and visual style because your clients are going to recognise and remember you based on your visuals and how they make them feel. We think it’s true that ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’. The more authentic you are in sharing this, the more people who resonate will be your ideal clients! 

You are also going to be more connected to your brand if it feels like you, it’s more meaningful – this is why people find it hard to develop a brand themselves or when they get a cheap logo they usually end up changing it later to something that aligns better with their personalities and core values.

“People don’t remember what you do, they remember how you make them feel.”

- Maya Angelou

Create a visual style board

Below on our form you can upload visual styles you like – e.g. vibes, aesthetics, via art, colors, fonts, graphics. You can search in google using terms that describe your style such as ‘minimal art and decor‘, or ‘minimal design‘ ‘bright color palette‘, ‘modern and sophisticated fonts‘, etc.

Or you can use a tool such as the visual search engine Pinterest using the same searches terms and ‘pin‘ the ones you like to a public or ‘secret’ board. You can send us the link to look at (if the board is public), or invite us to the board if it’s secret (you can follow our account here and then you’ll be able to easily share your board with us).

Watch the video below if you’d like to know more about using Pinterest to create a visual style board for your brand!

Tell Us about you

Please answer the questions below. We ask ‘why’ you like or don’t like certain things, this helps us get onto the same visual page as you when we know more about why you might feel a certain way as design is very subjective! we may feel a certain way about a color or font or brand than you so it helps us to align better with your vision.

If you are referring to things you’d like to show us either upload with your visual examples or feel free to include URLs of examples in the text areas along with an explanation.

Step 2

Who are your ideal clients?

Now to bridge your style with your ideal clients we need to know a lot more about them.  Please answer the questions below and attach any work you’ve already done on messaging, ideal client personas and brand strategy.