If you are choosing to write your copy / text yourself, there’s one important rule to keep in mind as you write / revise and publish! Keep reading to find out!

We all come from different writing backgrounds. Some of us are technical in our jobs and write for people in our own fields, others write creatively. Regardless, you aren’t writing your website for yourself.

You are writing it for your ideal, dream customer to read. And the rule is:

KISS: Keep it Simple Stupid.

When you are writing marketing copy you need to keep it as simple as possible. Don’t make your visitor think. Make them understand…quickly.

Readers online SKIM read and they don’t necessarily want to invest a lot of brain power to understand what it is you do. Ideally, you want your best client to read your copy and understand it and be motivated to take action. You have to ask for the sale. Think about if you were in person at a networking event, how would you describe what you do so others can easily understand it? How do you sell them on your products or services?

Following the KISS rule, you want to write at Grade 6 level. Nothing too clever, or too technical. Especially on your home page. Learn more about the customer journey here.

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